This is my world and I intend to make it beautiful!

I intend to make this world a little more beautiful each day. I think that there is too much ugly in the world and people need to focus more on the beauty that surrounds them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am constantly being inspired by everything around me. I see most things as works or art. I try to always find the beauty in everything. Nature is very inspiring to me, I love the colors and shapes that are all around. Everyday things can even be turned into something wonderful. Instead of seeing plastic shopping bags, I see a way to make 'plarn' purses/totes and decorations. When I see newspaper, I envision a newspaper wreath decorated with red flowers. When I see old out of style clothing, I see materials to make awesome vintage items or really great buttons that you can't get anywhere else.

What inspires you? What everyday things can inspire you to create a masterpiece? 

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