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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pattern for Halloween Tutu

Halloween Tutu

This is a simple and quick project to make a tutu for your Halloween princess. This is more of an outline than a pattern.

Make a chain long enough to go around the waist of the person wearing the tutu, make sure to add an additional four chains for turning. In this case, it was about 84 chains.

Row 1, Treble crochet into each chain, starting 4 chains from the end.
Row 2, Chain 2 and turn, then half double crochet into each treble crochet to the end.
Row 3, Chain 4 and turn, then treble crochet into each half double crochet to the end, finish off.

Once you finish off, attach two buttons to the end of the sash, make sure they are large enough not to slip through the treble crochet and not too large to not fit through them.

After that is finished, take tulle in orange and black and cut it into strips 2 inches wide and twice the length you want them to be. I made mine 30 inches and they double over to be 15 inches. Once the tulle is prepared, begin tying the tulle into each of the treble crochet from row 1, alternating black and orange in each stitch. I used an H hook to pull the tulle through the stitches by the loop from folding it over. I then pulled the tail through the loop and pulled it tight to the yarn.

You can then embellish the sash in any way you want.

After just a little work, you now have the perfect Halloween tutu!


  1. This is so adorable!!!! I can't wait to make a few dozen - and it would be very easily adaptable in lots of other colors. There will be some very happy little girls at my daycare.


  2. I am glad that you like it! I am sure those will be some happy little girls!