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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Super Easy Hat with Decorative Edging

This hat is super easy and works up fast!

Abbreviations used:

Double Crochet: DC
Stitches: STS
Chain: CH
Magic Ring/Magic Circle: MC
Half Double Crochet: HDC
Single Crochet: SC
Slip Stitch: SS
Repeat from * to * when indicated.

Don't join rounds at the end of each row. 

The hat in the picture was made using Red Heart Super Saver and an I hook. A stitch marker comes in handy to keep track of the rounds.

Start with a MC or chain 2,
Round 1: 10 DC into MC or into second chain from hook (10)
Round 2: 2 DC into each DC around (20)
Round 3: *2 DC into first st, then DC in next st* (30)
Round 4: *2 DC into first st, then DC in next 2 sts* (40)
Round 5: *2 DC into first st, then DC in next 3 sts* (50)
Round 6: *2 DC into first st, then DC in next 4 sts* (60)
Round 7: *2 DC into first st, then DC in next 5 sts* (70)
Repeat round 7 until hat is desired length, starting with stitch number 60 in last round, HDC in next 5 sts and in the remaining sts SC.  

Join in contrasting color.
In contrast round: *ss, chain 3, and ss* repeat in each stitch around.

The final product:


A close up of the edging:


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