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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toddler Sized Fingerless Gloves-Free Pattern

My little princess demanded a pair of these for herself after she saw a pair I made for someone else. These are very simple and work up super quick!

Abbreviations Used:
Slip Stitch-sl st
Double Crochet-dc
Chain Space: ch sp

Chain 20 (this fit around my 3 year old daughter's hands), join with sl st to form a circle. Be careful not to twist the chain.
Round 1: chain 3, dc into each ch.
Round 2-3: chain 3, dc into each dc.
Round 4: chain 3, dc into first 5 dc, then chain 5 and skip 5 sts, then dc into the remaining sts. This makes the thumb opening.
Round 5: chain 3, dc into first 5 dc, 5 dc into the ch sp, then dc into the remaining sts.
Round 6-?: chain 3, dc into each dc around.
Once you reach the desired length, finish off and weave in ends.

You can make these as long as you want. They are worked from the fingers up. Ignore the small mishap on the glove on the left, my daughter was picking at it before I took the picture.


These were made with a G hook and Red Heart Super Saver in Pretty.


  1. What size hook you use for this pattern?

  2. The only thing I noticed in the pattern was that you never mentioned joining at each row. I assumed it was a slip stitch in the top of the chain 3.

    1. did you have enough strectch? I was wondering about this too

    2. I didn't join and chain up...I worked in a spiral. I did have enough stretch. My daughter wore them to death!